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We are constantly innovating and redesigning our products, so that every product in our line is at its latest stage in the pursuit of being the best it can be. We're never satisfied, never finished. Perfection is an elusive goal. But we are tireless in our efforts to get closer to it.


SX-5 / EP-1 Component Parts for Welded Dumbbells.

SX-5 / EP-1


A lot of thought went into designing the perfect sleeve and end plate for welded dumbbells.  SX-5 and EP-1 are good examples of excellent, simple design that IVANKO is noted for.

EP-1 (End plate).
+ Weights 1 lb. for easy weight calculation.
+ Counter sunk for flush welding.
+ Full 3/8 inch thick for strength.
+ Recessed area for Ivanko brass number plate system.

SX-5/SXC-5 (Sleeve).
+ 5-3/4" length accommodates any hand.
+ Available in black oxide (SX-5) or chrome (SXC-5).
+ High carbon steel prevents flaring when dropped.
+ Custom drawn tubing allows only .13 thousands clearance over one inch bar
+ Perfect full diamond knurl for outstanding grip.
+ 40 inch sleeve available for welded barbells (SXC-40).

n.b.  we are happy to provide quality US-made bar stock cut to your specified lengths.

Download product spec. sheet, lower-left, for more information.

Part No. Pcs/Case Price
EP-1 $6.00
SXC-5 $10.00