Plates The Evolution of a great idea

The pursuit of the perfect weight plate is focused in four areas: Casting Quality, Weight Accuracy & Consistency, Hole Accuracy & Consistency, and Workmanship & Painting. When a plate is flawlessly cast and weighs what it says, you can feel the difference in every exercise. When the surface is expertly ground and painted, the quality is obvious to the eye and to the touch. When a plate's hole is machined true, it sits on the bar perfectly balanced without wobble. It gets down to pride. When you have quality Olympic plates on your gym's exercise floor or in your home, you see, feel, and appreciate the difference.


ROEZH Olympic Rubber E-Z Lift® Plate.



Ivanko's rubber E-Z Lift®
plate is just one example of starting with good ideas from the past and coming up with something better.  We designed this plate with more grip holes to make it easier to pick up, and therefore safer.  And we kept it round for very good reasons that have stood the test of time:  ease of use and exercise safety.  Finally, we covered this plate with our own proprietary rubber formulation which makes it softer on equipment and easier to grip without slipping.  Our unique rubber curing process also means no offensive smell in the air.

Coming up with better ideas is not just a process, it's an attitude -- one of never being satisfied with the way things are, of always striving to give the marketplace something better.

To be continued.

+ Accurate Weight.
+ Unique curing process prevents offensive smell.
+ In black and in color (sorry Henry Ford).
+ Available in 45 lb., 35 lb., 25 lb. sizes.
+ Companion 10 lb, 5 lb., & 2.5 lb. sizes available without grip holes.  See RUBO.
+ Also available in kilos:  15, 20, 25kg.
+ See Articles (lower left) for what to look for in a quality rubber Olympic barbell plate.

IVANKO E-Z Lift® designs are also available in urethane (OUEZ), and in cast-iron with slots (OMEZS) or with holes (OMEZH).  And of course, many our plates are available in pounds or kilograms.

ROEZH (Color) Size & Price

Rubber Olympic EZ-Lift Plates® are available in pounds or kilograms. For smaller sized plates, use RUBO.

Part No. Color Price
ROEZH-45R Red $172.00
ROEZH-35B Blue $133.50
ROEZH-25Y Yellow $97.00
ROEZH-25KG-R Red $213.50
ROEZH-20KG-B Blue $172.00
ROEZH-15KG-Y Yellow $133.50

ROEZH (Black) Size & Price

Rubber Olympic EZ-Lift® Plates are available in pounds or kilograms. For smaller sized plates use RUBO.

Part No. Price
ROEZH-25 $92.00
ROEZH-35 $125.50
ROEZH-45 $158.50
ROEZH-10KG $92.00
ROEZH-15KG $125.50
ROEZH-20KG $158.50
ROEZH-25KG $197.00

RUBO Size & Price - in pounds

Part No. Dia. Thickness Price
RUBO-2.5 6‐1/4” 3/4” $17.00
RUBO-5 7‐1/2” 15/16” $25.50
RUBO-10 9‐1/8” 1‐1/8” $33.50

RUBO Size & Price - in kilograms

Part No. Dia Thickness Price
RUBO-2.5KG $25.50
RUBO-5KG $33.50