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IB-5 / IB-7.5 Iron Boots, Pair, 5 & 7-1/2 lbs.

IB-5 / IB-7.5 IB-5 / IB-7.5 IB-5 / IB-7.5 IB-5 / IB-7.5 IB-5 / IB-7.5


IB-7.5 (Mens Size) available now on Ivanko Amazon Store.

IB-5 (Women's Size) will be available from our Amazon Store in the Future.

A typical example of original Ivanko thinking, that has greatly changed industry standards over the last 40 years.

Iron boots, although an old idea, never worked quite right.  The improved IVANKO Iron Boots correct the problems of the typical old style iron boots that were designed wrongly in the first place.

SAFETY:  with the old design if a collar set screw got loose, the bar and all the weights could fall on the user's face when doing exercises with the boots overhead,.  Our design enables the user to load up the boots with heavy weights with complete safety.

VERSATILITY.  Higher heel backing enables user to do "leg bicep curls" without boots slipping off the feet.

COMFORT.  Wider straps for increased comfort and safety.


IB-5:  Women's Size:  6 1/2 lbs each including removable plate loading safety bar. (5lbs without safety bar).
IB-7-1/2: Men's Size: 9 lbs each including removable plate loading safety bar. (7 1/2 lbs. without safety bar).

+ Bar is 1-1/16" dia. & takes regular plates.
+ Loads between 1 and 2 plates per side (depending upon thickness).
+ Bar loading length: 3/4" ea. side.
+ Includes two pair of quality, buckled straps.


Part No. Pcs/Case Price
IB-7.5 1 pr/cs. $83.50
IB-5 1 pr/cs. $67.00