Plates The Evolution of a great idea

The pursuit of the perfect weight plate is focused in four areas: Casting Quality, Weight Accuracy & Consistency, Hole Accuracy & Consistency, and Workmanship & Painting. When a plate is flawlessly cast and weighs what it says, you can feel the difference in every exercise. When the surface is expertly ground and painted, the quality is obvious to the eye and to the touch. When a plate's hole is machined true, it sits on the bar perfectly balanced without wobble. It gets down to pride. When you have quality Olympic plates on your gym's exercise floor or in your home, you see, feel, and appreciate the difference.


CBPP Olympic Calibrated Powerlifting Plate, painted.



Buying IVANKO Powerlifting Plates for your gym, meet, or organization?  E-Mail direct for special pricing!  We also offer volume pricing!

+ Precision calibrated (better than 10 grams accuracy).
+ Thin plates allow more weight on bar.
+ Plates color coded for fast weight identification.
+ Machined & electrostatically painted with quality US paint.
+ Click on Making of a Perfect Olympic Plate (lower-left).
+ CBPP-50KG is available (not pictured).

CBP Size & Price

Part No. Color Dia. Thickness Price
CBP-0.25KG Stainless 5 1/4 $28.00

CBPP Size & Price

Part No. Color Dia. Thickness Price
CBPP-0.5KG Black 5 5/16 5/16 $13.00
CBPP-1.25KG Black 6 5/16 1/2 $16.00
CBPP-2.5KG Black 7 1/2 10/16 $27.00
CBPP-5KG Black 8 14/16 13/16 $50.50
CBPP-10KG Black 12 1/2 13/16 $96.00
CBPP-15KG Yellow 15 6/16 13/16 $127.00
CBPP-20KG Blue 17 3/4 3/4 $153.50
CBPP-25KG Red 17 3/4 1 $183.50
CBPP-50KG Green 17 3/4 1 14/16 $325.50