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B-86 7 ft., 2 in. Extra-High Strength Alloy Steel Bar (USA).

B-86 B-86


B-86 BAR
An extra-high strength alloy steel bar.

This 7'2" bar, 1.1 dia. (28mm) is engineered to hold well over 1,000 lbs of regular cast iron plates.

+ Mag-tested.
+ Ultra-sonic tested.
+ X-ray tested.
+ Special straightness specified (less than .006 per ft. t.i.r.)
+ Ground and polished.
+ Ends ground to 1 1/16" diameter to hold regular plates.
+ Inside collar to inside collar:  approx. 53-1/4".
+ Beautiful black oxide finish.
+ Shipped in protective cardboard tube.
+ Made in the USA.
+ Weight:  23 lbs.

Recommended CollarsInside:  CIS-2-1/2 or C-1/4; Outside:  COS-2-1/2, C-2, C-3/CC-3.
      (In addition, CL-1/4 or C-2 are equally acceptable outside collars).

Chemical analysis of this bar is specified by Ivanko engineers and made to our specifications direct at a precision steel mill -- subject, of course, to our final testing and approval.  Because of the time and research devoted to the development of this product, exact bar chemistry is not offered as consumer knowledge.

Regular (Standard 1-1/6") bars

Part No. Price
B-86 $225.00